2022 PRI²DE Creative Camp Movable Chair International Design Competition

When it comes to great architecture, the most important thing isn’t always the building or its surroundings. Often what makes the biggest difference is the so-called “grey spaces.” These transitional, in-between elements such as staircases, hallways, porches, eaves and vestibules can blur, or even eliminate the boundaries between the inside and outside. They play a major role in determining whether a development is functional, or a living, breathing environment.

Contemporary architecture embraces grey spaces, such as open ground floors and terraces, to provide shelter from the wind and rain, or sunny places where people can relax and interact in comfort. The idea is not a new one. Traditional Chinese residences frequently feature grey spaces, including colonnades and corridors, windowed verandas, platforms, porches, waterside pavilions and boat houses. Classical Chinese gardens in towns on the southern reaches of the Yangtze River are often defined by their creative use of grey spaces.

In fact, grey space is a perfect representation of the Chinese philosophy “Unity of Man and Nature.” Rather than emphasising its existence and tangibility, grey space conjures images and creates an emotional connection between the building and its nearby environment when people are exposed to varied landscapes with every step they make.

  • Dingwei
  • Yang Mingjie
  • Joeri Reynaert
  • Jackie Tang
  • Isa Ye
  • Champion (1 winner): A prize of RMB 50,000 (pre-tax) + Prototype for Work + Certificate of Honour
  • Runner Up (1 winner): A prize of RMB 20,000 (pre-tax) + Prototype for Work + Certificate of Honour
  • Second Runner Up (1 winner): A prize of RMB 10,000 (pre-tax) + Prototype for Work + Certificate of Honour
  • Special Award for Sustainable Materials (1 winner): A prize of RMB 10,000 (pre-tax) + Certificate of Honour
  • Top 10 (7 winners): Prototype for Work + Certificate of Top 10 Honour
  • Shortlist: Honourable Shortlist Certificate
  • 2022/04/14
    Call for entries
  • 2022/06/20
    Submission deadline
  • 2022/06/30
    Release of shortlisted winners
  • 2022/08/02
    Release of Top 10 & public voting
  • 2022/08/18
    Release of Top 3, the Champion & Special Award for Sustainable Materials

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